Spice Up Your Kitchen in 2023 with These Fun and Functional Ideas!

Hey there, kitchen enthusiasts! If your culinary space is in need of a little TLC and some fresh vibes, you're in the right place. We're diving into the world of kitchen organization and decor, and I promise, it won't be as bland as a reheated microwave meal.

Baggy Organizer for the Win!

Baggy Organizer

Ever heard of a baggy organizer? No, it's not for your droopy pants – it's for your kitchen! This nifty contraption lets you store your gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack-sized bags in a super organized way. No more rummaging through a messy drawer, only to find a bag with a hole. Get this bad boy and give your kitchen that much-needed facelift.

Aluminum Foil and Wax Paper Dilemma

Aluminum Foil and Wax Paper
Stuck with aluminum foil and wax paper just scattered around your drawer? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Meet the Drawer Divider by Better Homes and Gardens, the superhero of your disorganized drawer. You can adjust it to fit your drawer size, and it's made of bamboo, which makes it both sturdy and eco-friendly.

Home Edit's Acrylic Set – the Drawer Whisperer

Remember Marie Kondo? Well, she's got some competition. The Home Edit's Acrylic Set includes six pieces to help you sort out your kitchen chaos. You've got bins for flatware, silverware, measuring spoons, and everything in between.

Better Homes and Gardens Bamboo Organizers

Better Homes and Gardens Bamboo Organizers

If your kitchen drawers are screaming for some TLC, look no further. These bamboo organizers come in a set of five pieces, with varying sizes to suit your needs. You can stash junk, utensils, measuring cups, and more. And guess what? They stack on top of each other for that extra neatness.

Vases – Not Just for Flowers


Who said vases are just for flowers? They can double as functional decor pieces. Check out this cute ceramic vase by Mainstays. It's perfect for holding wooden spoons or as a chic crock. The black and white contrast adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Textured Glass Vase for a Vintage Vibe

Textured Glass Vase

For those who crave that vintage feel, we've got a clear textured glass vase by Better Homes and Gardens. It's not just for flowers; it's an art piece on its own. Add some floral stems for a pop of color or keep it minimal – it's your kitchen, your rules.

Golden Amber Candle Magic

Golden Amber Candle

A beautiful kitchen deserves a beautiful scent. The Golden Amber candle from My Texas House is not just a candle; it's a decor piece. The packaging is so sleek you'd think it's from a high-end store. Light it up and set the mood for a
cozy dinner.

Kitchen Towels – Seasonal Refresh

Kitchen Towels

Replace your worn out and dirty kitchen towels! There are three hand towels at my Texas house that are cute yet useful. They are also detailed in embroidery which makes them fashionable but still can be worn all through the year.

Functional Accessories for the Win

Functional Accessories

Store bought spices can be stored in glass jars as well. A little oil dispenser by the stove, salt, and pepper in a spice jar all are minor tweaks that can vastly improve your kitchen’s efficiency. Also, they make your kitchen appear classy.

Cookbooks for Culinary Inspiration


Never underestimate the strength of a cookbook. Get some new ones that might inspire you on your cooking escapades. Put them on display in your kitchen, so you can easily recall something fresh to cook. They are also very good looking.

And that’s pretty much it with the 2023 kitchen refresh fun and functional. Treat your kitchen. Why not even enjoy washing the dishes a little? Happy cooking! 🍳🥂

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