29 Amazing Living Room Decoration Ideas to Up your Game


Your living room is a space built for leisure, designed to cater to various purposes, from quality time with family to hosting friends, as well as providing a place for relaxation and recharging. While factors like room size and style largely determine layout decisions, the decor should revolve around your lifestyle, tailored to the needs of those who use it most, while remaining adaptable for guests or a growing family.

Take a look at these living rooms that span different styles, sizes, and personalities for ideas on how to elevate your living room decor. From furniture and lighting to textiles, accessories, window treatments, wallpaper, paint, and more, these examples offer inspiration to create a living room that's not only inviting but also aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Accent with Vibrant Yellow
Living Room Decor Ideas

In this bright and neutral loft in New York City's SoHo, designed by interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, curvaceous furniture balances the boxy, industrial proportions of the living area. A pair of bright yellow armchairs injects mood-boosting color, adding energy and warmth to the space.

Incorporate Coastal Elements
Living Room Decor

This living room, designed by Allison Babcock Design in Sag Harbor, New York, exudes a coastal ambiance without leaning too heavily on a theme. It achieves this with a subtle blue and white palette, rustic wood accents, and an eclectic mix of furnishings.

Utilize Weathered Materials
Living Room Decor Ideas

This Cape Cod fisherman's cabin, designed by Alfredo Paredes Studio, offers an indoor-outdoor feel and rustic finishes and decor. Cozy, weathered leather French club chairs fit seamlessly into this setting, creating a lived-in and authentic atmosphere, whether or not it's situated near the ocean.

Add Color with a Rainbow Rug
Living Room Decor Ideas

If you have a penchant for color but struggle to choose a color palette for your living room, consider a large rainbow area rug that covers all your bases. In this New York City apartment, styled by interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, the rainbow rug anchors the seating area, featuring a vibrant red sofa and a pair of blue armchairs. A large red wall cabinet and a multicolored framed artwork over the fireplace distribute the color throughout the room.

Layer Textures
Living Room Decorations

In this Atlanta living room, crafted by interior designer Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis, floor-to-ceiling windows harmonize with an array of artwork on warm wood-paneled walls. The room is richly layered with various textures, from the Beni Ourain rug to the chunky knit blanket, patterned throw pillows, and a coffee table adorned with books and decorative objects.

Go All Black
Living Room Ideas

In this sophisticated French living room, envisioned by Caroline Andréoni Interior Design, matte black walls and ceiling create an enveloping atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Light oak flooring, a pale area rug, and a large, deep sectional sofa in a soft shade of gray establish a cozy conversation area. If black feels too daunting, explore shades of "faux black," encompassing tones of gray, blue, green, brown, and other neutrals that, while deep, retain a livable and often more flattering softness, depending on the room and its natural light.

Go Big on Greenery
Living Room Decor Ideas

This living room, designed by Michelle Gerson Interiors, showcases clean lines and a black-and-white palette, allowing decorative accents like a recycled airplane wall hanging and an oversized fiddle leaf fig tree to shine. While a collection of plants can instantly liven up a room, a single oversized plant, tree, green wall, or other greenery can create added drama, particularly in a minimalist or more sophisticated setting.


Mix Pink and Yellow
Living Room Decor Ideas

When considering pink, explore a broad spectrum beyond blush tones and embrace the versatility of this popular color. In this serene living room from Fantastic Frank, warm pink walls, a plush rose-colored sofa, mustard accents, oversized lighting, and warm woods cultivate a soothing and inviting ambiance with a well-curated selection of elements.


Place a Decorative Screen Behind the Sofa
Living Room Decorations

Highly positioned windows can flood a room with natural light but can also create an awkward feeling when placed above a seating area. To bridge the gap between the top of the sofa and create a cozier atmosphere, Marie Flanigan Interiors introduced a multi-paneled decorative screen (a room divider) behind the sofa. This screen forms a backdrop for the seating area and diverts attention away from the tall windows.

Install a Wood Accent Wall
Living Room Decor Ideas

The focal point in this light-filled living room, designed by Atelier Davis, is a striking medium-toned wood accent wall. It adds closed storage, display space, and warmth to the room, complementing furniture and decor elements in bright shades of blue and coral.

Experiment with Mirrored Furniture
Living Room Ideas

This Echo Park cabin, designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, combines rustic, organic, textural, and vintage pieces. A large mirrored cube coffee table not only adds sparkle and reflects light but also makes the room feel more spacious and vibrant.

Add Plants
Living Room Design

When in doubt, incorporate plants. Additionally, consider framing plant-based prints resting casually on a shelf or the mantel of your fireplace. Pair these with Moroccan rugs, a pouf, and a comfortable armchair to create an inviting and effortless living room, as demonstrated in this London-based design by Emilie Fournet Interiors.

Choose a Monumental Coffee Table
Living Room Decor

To anchor the large sectional sofa in this neutral-toned living room with high ceilings and exposed beams, Michelle Gerson Interiors opted for a monumental coffee table. Its generous proportions and visual weight help center the space and create a cozy area for watching movies and socializing.

Create Double Seating Zones
Living Room Decorations

In a spacious room, establishing distinct zones enhances the functionality. In this living room by Marie Flanigan Interiors, a conversation area featuring overstuffed linen slipcovered armchairs is centered around a transparent table. On the other side, a larger seating area features a sofa with its back to the conversation zone, visually separated by a console table with table lamps on each end, which helps distribute light throughout the room. Besides the layout, you can visually separate different zones with area rugs, room dividers, or plants.

Add Dimension with Carved Wood
Living Room Decor

Decorating around a TV to make it seamlessly integrate into the decor is often a challenge. In this New York City living room designed by interior designer Alvin Wayne, a long carved wood console provides storage and structures the wall housing the flat-screen TV. The TV is finished with a rough and textural concrete-effect gray, adding depth to the room and offering an alternative focal point when the TV is not in use.

Hang an Oversized Pendant Light
Living Room Decor

In this 1920s California hunting cabin nestled in the canyons of Los Angeles, Leanne Ford Interiors chose to hang an oversized round paper lantern in the center of the room. This not only highlights the ceiling beams but also creates a cozier and more intimate atmosphere.


Brighten Your Walls
Living Room Decor

Adding bright, multicolored accents to a neutral room is an effortless way to alter the decor and inject personality with a few well-chosen touches. In this living room by Leanne Ford Interiors, a pair of eye-catching prints mounted on simple white frames brings vibrancy to the space.

Use Coastal Colors
Living Room Decor

This beachfront living room in Nantucket, Massachusetts, designed by Allison Babcock Design, maintains an all-white interior with accents of blue and natural materials such as wood and rattan. This combination imparts a clean, coastal vibe.

Hang Double Chandeliers
Living Room Decorations

When dealing with a room featuring soaring vaulted ceilings, installing a decorative pendant light is a natural choice to bridge the gap between the ceiling and the floor. However, for especially large spaces, a single light fixture may not suffice. In this spacious California living room by Marie Flanigan Interiors, a pair of decorative black metal chandeliers adds visual interest, balances the light in the room during the evening, and draws attention to the exposed ceiling beams.

Split Your Sectional
Living Room Decor

In this living room by Andrea May Interiors, a small table placed between two sections of a modular sofa elongates it, allowing it to fit snugly against the wall. It also provides space for books and a small light that would not fit on either side of the wall.

Replace the End Table with a Rolling Bar Cart
Living Room Decor Ideas

In this living room by Leanne Ford Interiors, a vintage round metal and glass rolling bar cart serves as an end table. Stocked with everything needed for a cocktail, it also houses a brass-toned lamp.

Opt for Rounded Furniture
Living Room Decor Ideas

In this living room by Atelier Davis, red wall paint infuses life into the space's long, rectangular shape. A large sectional sofa with rounded corners softens the room's sharp linear lines.

Choose a Sculptural Coffee Table
Living Room Decor

Emphasizing various shapes introduces interest to this gray-and-white living room, designed by Michelle Gerson Interiors. A sculptural coffee table anchors the space with soft curves, aiding circulation without the risk of bumping into sharp edges.

Use a Plinth to Display Plants
Living Room Decor Ideas

In this Maine living room designed by Tyler Karu, a vintage plinth, traditionally used to display sculptures, showcases a large plant instead. This offers a creative twist on the conventional plant stand and adds height to make your living room layout more engaging, while ensuring the plant receives adequate light.

Incorporate Built-In Seating
Living Room Decor Ideas

In this living room by Atelier Davis, a built-in banquette fitted with throw pillows creates an additional seating area by the window.

Blacken the Fireplace
Fall Living Room

In this spacious and light-filled living room by Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs, the tall brick fireplace is painted with matte charcoal black, anchoring the room and complementing the shades of green.

Choose a Statement Pendant Lamp
Living Room Decor

Enhancing a minimalist living room is as simple as focusing on a statement piece. In this living room by Leanne Ford Interiors, an extra-tall rattan pendant light is suspended above the coffee table, nestled between opposing sofas. This addition introduces a sculptural element and soft ambient lighting.

Update Your Retro Space
Living Room Decor

This desert living room in Rancho Mirage, California, designed by Laura Brophy Interiors, receives a quirky retro touch with a pair of lucite armchairs. These chairs blend seamlessly with the midcentury modern home while complementing contemporary furniture and decor in warm shades of caramel and beige.

Paint the Walls in Acid Yellow
Living Room Decor Ideas

This cozy British living room by Studio Peake defies the gray skies of London with acid yellow wall paint that brings warmth and energy. The color energizes the classic architecture of the room and, as a versatile shade, pairs well with other colors. It provides an excellent backdrop for pops of green and red


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