Kitchen Organization Hacks That Even a Pro Organizer Can't Resist!

Hey there, my fellow kitchen warriors! If you've ever faced the daunting task of organizing your kitchen, you're not alone. And if you're moving to a new place, like our host, Cass, did, the chaos can be overwhelming. But fear not, because we've got some seriously cool kitchen organization ideas coming your way.

Cass, our pro organizer, moved into a new house and decided to tackle the kitchen first. Why? Because, folks, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and having it in shipshape makes life easier. So, let's dive into some of her expert tips (with a sprinkle of humor) to transform your kitchen into an organized haven.

Coffee Nook Magic:

Before you start anything, make sure there's a dedicated coffee nook for that morning caffeine fix. Cass's choice was a fantastic little nook right next to the coffee cupboard. Clear containers, similar to what you might use for organizing video equipment, come in handy for stacking K-Cups and teas. It's all about convenience, people!

Special Zones for the Kids:

Got kids? They need their dedicated spaces too. Cass set up a hot cocoa station for one of her little ones and a smoothie station for the other. It's all about making it easy for the kiddos to help themselves.

Lazy Susan Love:

Got deep cabinets? Lazy Susans are your best friends. Cass used them to organize mugs, so you can easily spin to find your favorite one. No more digging around in the depths of your cupboards.

Plate Proximity to the Dishwasher:

It's all about minimizing those extra steps. Plates should be stored close to the dishwasher, glasses too. And Cass knows that cutlery should be right next to the stove. Practical and efficient!

Fancy Cutlery Tray:

Cass upgraded her cutlery tray game with a fancy bamboo one. It's expandable, so you can tailor it to your drawer's size. Trust us; it's a game-changer.

Pots and Pans Next to the Stove:

Keep your pots and pans right where you'll use them the most – next to the stove. And if you have too many, consider storing rarely used items in the garage or storage room.

The Great Spice Dilemma:

Cass, in a moment of excitement, bought spice jars and a drawer organizer. But here's the twist: the drawer was meant for cutlery. So, sometimes things don't work out as planned. But hey, sometimes impractical can be gorgeous. Cass now has a spice cabinet that's not the most functional but is incredibly beautiful. We can all use a bit of "gorgeous" in our lives, right?

Hanging Measuring Cups:

To keep your kitchen organized, hang your measuring cups and other mixing tools on the inside of a cabinet door. Cass used 3M strips for this genius idea. It's all about convenience when cooking!

A Quick Word from Our Sponsor:

Cass took a moment to thank HelloFresh, who sponsored her video. She loves their meal kits, especially when she's busy moving. A homemade meal in under 30 minutes? That's a winner!

Baking Zone:

Dedicate a specific room or place for the supplies. Cass stored the essential baking items on top of the Lazy Susan. This made it almost effortless for her to cook cookies and other cakes.

Lunch-Making Station:

Cass established a lunch-making station at her children. Convenience is what makes those chaotic mornings less stressful. She employed containers, dividers, and storage in organising everything.

Pantry Organization:

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets. Cass relies on baskets to sort her pantry for this reason. Categorize and conquer, my friends!

The Mystery Cleaning Cabinet:

Why do we have to keep a cleaning cabinet near the kitchen? Cass does! She used it for washing her clothes, cleaning supplies, and a door rack. All these relate to a clean kitchen.

That’s all I had to say. Organizational skills of a pro who is ready for mess in the kitchen, some impulsive impulse buys for spice jars and beautiful but unworkable cabinets. But, it is all about making your kitchen an asset. It can be a world of difference having one organized space.

Happy organizing, and let us make sure that your kitchen remains clutter-free.

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