Mastering Room Design from Start to Finish: Pro Tips & Hacks

Hey there, design enthusiasts! Drew here from Lone Fox, and today, we're diving into a topic that's close to my heart - room design. Ever wondered how to take a space from meh to marvelous? Well, you're in for a treat as I spill the beans on my process, which I promise, is as quirky as my obsession with Pinterest!

So, we've just moved into a new apartment, and I'm buzzing with ideas for room makeovers. But before we unleash our inner design gurus, let me give a shout-out to Alexandra Gator, whose video inspired me to finally tackle this subject. Now, let's get the creative juices flowing!

Start to Finish: Pro Tips & Hacks

Step 1: Mood Board Mania

First things first, when it comes to designing a room, you've got to scope out the scene. Create a mood board. If I had a nickel for every Pinterest board I've created, I'd be... well, not rich, but definitely not complaining! From headboards to color palettes, my boards are like a treasure trove of inspiration.

My secret? Pin everything that tickles your design fancy to one board. Don't worry if it looks like a tornado of styles; that's what editing is for. Later, you can sift through the chaos, keeping what sparks joy and ditching the rest.

Step 2: The Art of Pinning

Once you've amassed a digital hoard of design inspiration, it's time to narrow it down. Pick a starting point, like that fabulous rug you're crushing on. Pinterest's recommendations below your chosen pin are a goldmine. Use them to build a more cohesive look.

When it comes to curtains and rugs, things can get a bit tricky. If you have more windows than fingers on one hand, stick to solid colors for curtains. Personally, I'm all about lightweight and airy fabrics. Velvet curtains in a well-lit room? Not my jam.

Rugs, oh boy! I like 'em either super subtle or boldly audacious. There's no in-between for me. Choose a rug that complements your color palette. Rule of thirds comes to the rescue here – take that accent color from your rug and sprinkle it elsewhere in the room.

Paint & Wallpaper Drama

Paint and wallpaper can set the mood for your space. White walls for that fresh, airy vibe, or moody colors for a dramatic twist? It's all about the feels. Your walls should echo the emotion you want to evoke when you walk in.

Wallpaper is your secret weapon for adding pizzazz to a room. I'm all for peel-and-stick – ain't nobody got time for traditional wallpaper glue messes.

Furniture Folly

Furniture can be a bit of a puzzle, but here's a pro tip: stick to a unified color tone for your pieces. Don't go all Picasso with your wood tones; keep 'em in the same family. Mixing a light wood bed with a dark wood dresser? Not in this designer's dictionary.

Decor Delights

The cherry on top of your design cake is decorating. Raid your mood board for inspo and blend natural elements like metal, wood, and marble decor with your chosen color palette. It's all about creating a harmonious look.

And there you have it – the Lone Fox guide to designing a room from start to finish. It's a mix of inspiration, creativity, and a dash of Drew's quirky charm.

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Stay safe, keep the design dreams alive, and I'll catch you in the next artical. Bye, folks! 

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