7 Kitchen Design Blunders You'll Want to Avoid (And How to Save Your Kitchen!)

Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving headfirst into the wild world of kitchen design, and trust me, there are more pitfalls in this arena than a Mario game. So, grab your plungers, because we're about to unclog some major design disasters in your culinary domain.

7 Kitchen Design Blunders You'll Want to Avoid

The Out-of-Place Fridge:

Picture this – your kitchen is a masterpiece of design and functionality, but your fridge sticks out like a sore thumb. The horror! Most freestanding fridges need a little breathing room, but if it's doing the moonwalk into your kitchen, it's time for a fix. Options include swapping it for a counter-depth fridge (pricey, but worth it), customizing your surroundings, or just living with it (not ideal, but it happens).

Low Cabinetry Madness:

Some folks decide to go rogue and install low cabinets below waist level. Sure, it's unique, but also highly impractical. Those back corners become dark abysses where your pots and pans go to hide. Drawers are your friends; they make life easier. If you're stuck with low cabinets, use them for infrequently used appliances or create makeshift drawers for accessibility.

Color Catastrophe:

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We all love a trendy color, but going all-in on bold hues for your cabinets can be a recipe for disaster. Kitchens are a long-term commitment. If you're not absolutely in love with that shocking pink cabinet, you'll be singing the blues in no time. Consider bringing trendy colors in through accessories – they're easier to swap out.

That Pesky Gap:

 The gap above your cabinets is the epitome of a design blunder. It looks outdated and unfinished. If you can, extend your cabinets to the ceiling or use false fronts. You can even add some crown molding for a polished look. Remember, exceptions exist for beams and unique ceiling shapes.

Lighten Up:

 Inadequate lighting in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster, both literally and figuratively. Use more than one overhead light source. Invest in a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting. Task lighting over the sink is a must, and a bit of accent lighting can elevate your space.

Work Triangle Woes: 

The kitchen work triangle, a relic from the 1940s, isn't always the gospel of kitchen design. It assumes a one-person kitchen and doesn't account for modern open layouts. Embrace it if your kitchen is small, but don't let it dictate your choices in larger, multifunctional spaces.

Neil's Personal Oops: 

Last but not least, my own kitchen design blunder. We panicked when we bought our house and rushed to order appliances. The range hood, in particular, was a hasty decision. Lesson learned: don't cave into pressure. Take your time, measure on-site, and make sure you love what you're picking.

In conclusion

Kitchen Design Blunders

In conclusion, kitchen design can be a minefield of mistakes waiting to happen. But armed with this wisdom, you can steer clear of these pitfalls and create a kitchen that's both beautiful and practical. Your kitchen deserves better than design disasters. Happy cooking, folks! 😄

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