The Best Men Watches: A Definitive Guide to the Top 5 Picks

The Best Men Watches: A Definitive Guide to the Top 5 Picks


The Best Men Watches: A Definitive Guide to the Top 5 Picks

Are you in the market for a new men’s watch?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this definitive guide, we’ll be taking a look at 20 of the best men’s watches currently available on the market.

We’ll be considering a variety of factors when choosing which watches are worth your consideration and which ones aren’t. Before making our selections, however, let’s take a quick look at what exactly makes these watches, among other things:

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Let’s dive into our picks, shall we?

The top 20 watches overall:

1. Casio G-Shock Titanium Timepiece Model T-1A (US$749)

Casio G-Shock Titanium

The very first time the titanium wristwatch was designed was by American toy maker Jay Prewitt in 1936. Known as “The Boy”, he developed a prototype for his wife that would go on to become one of the most successful consumer products in history. However, despite its popularity, just 1 million were purchased during the manufacturing process. That number dropped drastically only after WWII ended, making it a desirable accessory for many collectors. Despite being an older model, this particular piece is still considered one of the best titanium watches if you don’t mind spending a bit extra money on materials as well as more complex components such as the lugs, hands, and dial. But hey, who am I to argue about this? As long as it holds up to its claims, it’s easy enough to recommend.

You can buy the latest version of the titanium models from the Casio website today for US$749. This special edition boasts titanium plating rather than the usual stainless steel and has been upgraded with a few upgrades including a ceramic cover and strap, which adds an interesting touch that will appeal to serious collectors.

Pros Good functionality Cons Oldest titanium watch yet

2. Versace Caliber One Millionaire Edition Refracting Chronograph ($1,399)

Versace Caliber

One Millionaire Edition refracting chronograph is one of those items that every woman wants, but rarely have any reason to buy. It might not be cheap, but for some reason every time I see them online they always seem like a steal. There’s probably something unique or exclusive about each and every piece of jewelry, but not this time! This version is rarer than the original version, having only ever existed in limited quantities at Cartier before being discontinued. Unlike other versions, this one features a black case rather than white coated and lacks the gold accents traditionally associated with high end luxury brands. While less glamorous than its Swiss counterpart, there’s surely something inherently better about this watch. Of course, the cheaper price tag does make it a far easier decision to replace your regular watch (at least for a while), and may even serve as a stepping stone towards a future collector. Still, it’s hard to deny that this is definitely a decent watch and provides a great value for the money. Perhaps the lack of gold accents would be a turn off for some? Maybe. Regardless, here’s hoping.

The updated version of the Caliber One Millionaire Edition refracting chronograph comes in either platinum metallic or rose gold finishing, and costs anywhere between $1,399-$1,599. And remember it’s got the same 1 Millionaire Edition model engraved onto the back flap, so it won’t feel out of place in a home setting, plus it has a nice matte finish. Its mechanical movement works fine, too, without feeling overly noisy or fussy. What really sells this overpriced piece, though, is the fact that it features automatic movement so won’t get old as quickly as the titanium counterparts, especially given how uncommon this kind of watch actually is (and if you like this style, then chances are you will be looking for similar alternatives in plenty).

Pros Fast charging technology Cons Expensive

3. Montblanc Tank Watch 100000 Triple Tourbillon Stainless Steel Timepiece ($3,499)

Montblanc Tank Watch

Timepieces are a man’s best friend. They’re often the first thing to go missing, and sometimes quite possibly his whole collection if your beloved tchotchke isn’t quite what it used to be. And although they may not necessarily sound appealing, all these watches work surprisingly well together, thanks to their perfect complementarity, which comes in two forms: subtlety and formality. For example, this stunning red version comes with its own booklet, with a blurb telling you how much it costs and where to find it. And while technically speaking, the tourbillon is unnecessary, since watches are already capable of this function (although none come close enough to warrant replacing yours with another), it doesn’t detract from the quality of the mechanical movements in anyway. The triple tourbillon feature certainly takes care of itself, and offers some pretty handy functions too. You could even use the tourbillon function to change it’s size as needed, so it easily fits in your hand. Either way, it’s pretty awesome tech. All in all, this bracelet style piece stands out in a world full of interchangeable straps because it seems to make absolutely everything else in proportion. So, yes, there is a lot to say about this watch, which is exactly why I think it should be valued and treasured.

For reference, a $3,499 watch should cost around $5,000 - $7,000 dollars nowadays. And I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet that this could be that watch for you.

Pros No additional costs Cons Complex construction

4. Rolex Daytona World timer 3/5000 Series Gold Date (Nike): 57M

Rolex Daytona Worldtimer

My personal favorite watch brand, arguably of any watch brand. Many people say that a good watch should make everyone happy that’s true. At times you do want to break the bank, and if you have some options to choose from, then you certainly wouldn’t go wrong getting your feet wet with one of my favorites. Today we’re talking two different choices in terms of specs, and what separates them is their similarities and differences. First up, both offer solid cases and a super luxe material that’s entirely undetectable under everyday wear, whether that be sand, water, dirt, etc.. For this purpose, the classic Rolex Daytona Worlds Americana from 1987 uses stainless steel and brushed gold (almost black chrome) instead of plastic and silicone on its display. By comparison the newer iteration, the 4500 Series gold from 2006 uses titanium, meaning it’s made from pure precious metals (although this may also affect the durability of the case, as it doesn’t have the benefit of the metal acting as a waterproof barrier). Both are excellent options that could stand alone for themselves, but the newest one definitely looks nicer and feels sleeker compared to its predecessors. With such clear distinctions in these watches, buying both shouldn’t be a problem.

The latest rendition of the Rolex Daytona worlds man is a relatively affordable choice (around the same price as the traditional version itself) that features a sleek design along with a plethora of useful features, including a self-winding calendar with built-in alarms, a digital compass, a countdown timer, and of course, a thermometer. Also included is a USB cable, which means you can plug it into your computer without needing to worry about dongle problems. Another bonus for fans of the modern day world watch is the built-in alarm set. Not only can you set this clock for waking, but wake you up if it detects motion when you sleep. Overall, it offers a truly impressive package for a low budget option.

Pros Affordable Cons Built-in alarm set

5. Nautica Sublime 5500 Sublime Quartz Diamond Sea Ray Chime & Countdown Timer (Nubuck)

Nautica Sublime

Speaking of expensive watches…Nubuck is basically known as a premium manufacturer and offers a wide array of watches. Whether it’s a pocket watch, a retro spin on the wheel, a stylish sport watch, or anything in between, you’ve got various options to choose from, and if you’re looking for a bargain, then maybe the Sublime by the sea ray chime is one of the clearest examples. On the surface this could seem somewhat simple, but it really packs a punch. Aside from featuring some classy pieces of jewelry in addition to a quartz exterior, it also includes a chime function that sends vibrations when it detects motion. Yes, you read that correctly. It sounds confusing to explain, but it essentially triggers the chime when the device senses motion, giving you instant peace of mind. It also has a countdown function that is triggered whenever you set it to 50 seconds. Lastly, it’s rated IP68 certification, so it’s safe to use water resistant as well. Given all this, not only does it appear as an insanely cool looking watch, but its benefits are obvious from a practical standpoint too. After all, we’re talking about literally one of the finest quartz crystal that costs significantly more. So there’s certainly no downside to purchasing this, except perhaps for the fact that it’d likely have to sit unused for a long period


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